Our Boat

Boat of Skellig Michael Cruises

The Marber Therese II is a new charter boat built to the highest standards for carrying passengers around Skellig Michael. This newly built Cygnis Cyfish 39 has a full Irish P5 licence; since the beginning of July this year (2013) we have been providing this unique service to carry passengers around Skellig Michael.

Our cruise

Our cruise here on the Marber Therese II allows you, the people who are unable to climb the great rock, a unique opportunity to get to see this wonder of  the world first hand. Many people who come to Portmagee are unable to climb Skellig Michael for a variety of reasons; young families, age, disability or time constraints etc. This is where we come in! Our cruise lasts approximately 2.5 hours and you get to see this UNESCO World heritage site from a unique perspective.

The Launch of Skellig Michael Cruises

The official launch of luxury tour boat Marber Therese II took place on Portmagee Pier on Saturday July 27th 2013 at 6p.m. Speakers on the night included Chairman of Portmagee development group John Murphy,  Councillor P.J. Donovan followed by a blessing of the boat by Fr. David Gunn. Councillor Michael Healy Rae also spoke on the night showing his support for this initiative.

Skellig Michael Cruises owner

My name is Paul Devane and I am a native of Portmagee, steeped in tradition and experience of the wild Atlantic. I spent two full years fishing on father’s trawler and numerous summers. Around this time, I noticed many people were not able to climb the skelligs for many and different reasons; therefore, I made a promise to myself. If I was in a position to help these people  who could not climb this majestic rock, I would.  Two years ago myself and my mother decided to sell the fishing licence off our trawler and put  the money towards building a new boat to bring passengers around Skellig Michael. So here we are today with the Marber Therese II.

The Marber Therese II

The boat has been named after my father’s trawler “The Marber Therese” and was built and launched in Dingle in 1981. It remained in full operation until 2009.

My father and grandfather have had a fishing trawler operating from Portmagee Pier since the 1950’s. My father fished his trawler “Marber Therese” up until a week before he passed away suddenly in 2009.

We look forward to seeing you soon

We are very excited about offering you this unique opportunity to see one of the  natural wonders of the world and we look forward to providing you the experience of a lifetime.

Paul Devane