Destinations of interest in Ireland Part II

Destinations of interest in Ireland Part II

Destinations of interest in Ireland Part II | Skellig Michael Cruises

Hello guys thank you guys for joining me once again in this second part of destinations of interest in Ireland. In the last post I took you through some of the attractions in Ireland and I hope the information I shared with you will be helpful in planning your holiday. I would also like to remind & inform you guys that Skellig Michael Cruises offer boat tours around the breathtaking Skellig Islands twice everyday from the small fishing village of Portmagee. Ok guys lets go on exploring the destinations of interests in Ireland.

Why visit Ireland

Attracting more than 6 million tourists annually, Ireland was voted favourite holiday destination in the world by readers of Frommer’s Guide, while lonely planet named Ireland the world’s friendliest country. Cork city was also listed among top ten cities in the world by lonely planet. Ireland is the great destination to enjoy;

  • Coastlines and resorts,
  • Festivals and events,
  • Geological tourism,
  • Amazing ancient histories,
  • Wildlife parks.

Places of interest

Once again be warned that I still can’t get around to all the attractions the emerald isle has to offer. In this post so today I will speak of the following four destinations of interest in Ireland;

Killarney National Park

Established as early as in 1932, this was the first national park in Ireland. Spanning about 25,400 acres, Killarney national park is famous for diverse ecology including Killarney Lake, oak lake, as well as yew woodlands not to mention the vast herd of red deer. 

Enjoy amazing ancient tales on Killarney

Killarney national park is also rich in ancient history. This has given this park a spot among destinations of interest in Ireland. The famous Irish poets of 17th and 18th centuries Seafraidh O’Donoghue, Aogan O Rathaille and Eoghan Rua O Suilleabhain were buried in this park. It is also narrated that during Norman invasion of Ireland the monks used to flee to Mangerton Mountain in this park when the monastery was attacked. With the spectacular Torc Waterfall, the park has a lot to offer and worthy of a visit.

Kerry cliffs

Kerry Cliffs are widely accepted as the most spectacular cliffs in Kerry. The cliffs stand over 1000ft above the wild Atlantic and were formed in a desert environment 400 million years ago.  Out to the west stand the amazing Skellig Rocks one of only three UNESCO world heritage sites in Ireland. Of course the Kerry Cliffs are the closest viewing point to the great rocks and also close the famous Puffin Island, where almost 10,000 Atlantic puffins reside.

Kerry County Museum

Established in 1991, Kerry County Museum is home to various archaeological objects, impressive dioramas, crafted models and loads of informative wall displays that narrate the ancient story of Kerry’s people and landscape that will leave you amazed; Expect to see the following listed but not the last;

  • Lissroe bronze horn that is over 3000 BC years old was found in bog in Lissroe near Duagh,
  • Cloghermore Collection showing collection of domestic items used by ancestors, who lived in Cloghermore Cave many years ago,
  • 1916 Proclamation is an original copy of the proclamation of republic issued by the Irish volunteers and Irish citizen army during the Easter rising.  

Kilmalkedar Church

Another place of interest in Ireland which is Located about 8km from Dingle, County Kerry. This spectacular early Christian centre has attracted visitors for years now. The ruins of this ancient church are spread across an area of about 10 acres. Visitors have consistently enjoyed examining the 12th century Hiberno-Romanesque church and several artefacts, large stone cross and loads of amazing story on the early church.

Welcome to explore destinations of interest in Ireland | Skellig Michael Cruises

Thank you for reading this post guys, I will keep you updated on more destinations of interest in Ireland in the coming posts. Now you know about beautiful Ireland, wait no more guys, book your trip now and explore Skellig Islands for an experience of lifetime.

I hope to see you soon with us. Thank you.