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Destinations of Interest in Ireland

Destinations of Interest in Ireland 

For so many years now Ireland has being attracting visitors from all over the world and left them absolutely spell bounded. Ireland has an embarrassment of natural attractions that will match your specific holiday needs, not to mention the ancient history of some parts of Ireland that will leave you awe-inspired.

In this post I am going to tell you about destinations of interest in this Ireland. This will educate you holiday maker with information you require when planning your trip to Ireland.

Skellig Islands

Lying about 13 km West of Bolus Head on beautiful Iveragh peninsula in County Kerry, these are two small but very steep rocky islands that have attracted huge interest from travellers over the years. Great Skellig or Skellig Michael is the larger of these two islands and the smaller one is small Skelligs. Apart from enjoying these astonishing islands, you will also have unrivalled bird watching opportunity. The islands are famous for hosting a wide varity of birds for example; black legged kittiwake, common guillemot, northern gannet, and Northern fulmar just to name a few.

With the Great Skellig rising to over 200 metres above sea level, the two islands which have hosted films like star wars and force awakens are recognised as UNESCO world heritage site. With their impressive ancient history like the 7th century history on the Christian monastery on the islands, Skellig Michael has claimed a top spot among places of interests in Ireland. Skellig Michael Cruises can give you a cruise of lifetime.

Boyne Valley

The Boyne castle in County Meath is renowned as one of the historic sites and monuments in Ireland. This world heritage site is the largest as well as one of most important compound of megalithic sites in whole Europe. This site which is believed to be built before Egyptian pyramids is a complex of amazing Neolithic mounds, standing stones, henges and chamber tombs just to name a few is another place of interest in Ireland.

The Ring of Kerry

This 179 kilometres-long extraordinary tourist route in County Kerry will give you the real image of Ireland. Passing around ancient monuments, spectacular gardens, stunning scenery of villages and towns has made this popular route among places of interest in Ireland. Natural beauty of this land is unsurpassed guys as its flora and fauna, unspoiled beach and the general scenery of the environment around this driving route are just out of this worldJ.

Aran Islands

Located at the mouth of Galway bay, they are a group of three spectacular islands that are among top destinations of interests in Ireland. The islands’ beautiful limestone rocks are over 350 millions years old are dramatic and I telling you guys the islands are worth paying a visit to. The Islands’ locals have carefully preserved the ways of past and their desire is mainly making their living much the same with the way their ancestors did. The way the islanders live here has made the islands the place of interest in Ireland.

And many more Destinations of Interest in Ireland

As I told you earlier, Ireland is full of places of interest that I can’t get around to all in a single post. I encourage you to visit this site regularly for the next post and I promise to educate you with more informative pieces of information that will give you a wide knowledge on the places of interests around Ireland and eventually help you on deciding the Destinations of Interest in Ireland for you  .