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No one can deny the beauty of Portmagee: However it is not just the beauty that draw thousands of tourist each year to the village. It is the people, the food, the character and of course the Skellig Rocks.  Portmagee was recognised in 2012 when it was named the top tourism town in Ireland. This accolade gives you an insight to this wonderful fishing village in the south west.

Portmagee & Captain Theobald Magee

Let me start with a name itself; so guys the name Portmagee derives from Captain Theobald Magee. A notorious 18th Century smuggler who concentrated shipping textiles, tea and tobacco illegally hence emerging as most profitable smuggler of his era.

Portmagee eat and drink

Portmagee has wonderful cafes and it has two great Pubs. The Fishermans Bar and the Bridge Bar both have music nightly and serve wonderful food. Also here in Portmagee we have an award winner restaurant in the shape of the Moorings. So here you see you will not be left wanting in the wonderful Portmagee.

Things to do in Portmagee

Your visit to Portmagee will be complete when you will also experience the beauty and uniqueness of the following;

Skellig Islands

Portmagee is the gate way to the Skellig  Rocks, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, your Portmagee experience will  not be complete if you do not make the voyage to the inspiring Skellig Islands. Skellig Michael Cruises depart Portmagee twice daily with our two beautiful boats the Marber Therese and the Anchorciveen and allow you to see these amazing rocks from a unique perspective as we go around both Rocks.


Portmagee has one of the most interesting archaeological sites which is called Illaunloughan/St. Loughan’s Island. It is said that the island was inhabited by monks in Early Christian times. These monks stayed on the edge of the Atlantic.

It is also understood that the monks who lived in stone huts, perched above nearly vertical cliff walls, have been in existence from the end of the 7th century to the 9th.There are loads of interesting stories on these monks, just come see!!

Skellig Experience Center

The Skellig Experience is just a short stroll over the bridge from the village. It is here in the centre that you can experience the recreation of what life was like for the monks of Skellig Michael in the early Christian period. The Centre has an 80 seat auditorium where they show a short film, which gives you the opportunity to trace the steps of the monks and be inspired and in awe of the legacy and architecture they left behind. Also the Center has a restaurant for you to enjoy the great food and the wonderful view of Portmagee while you eat.

Kerry Cliffs.

Once you are in Portmagee you quite simply have to go and see Kerry Cliffs.These cliffs posses some of the best view that would rival any cliffs in Ireland. Kerry Cliffs has developed a walk way to the Cliffs where you and your family can enjoy the views of the wild Atlantic, Skellig Islands and the Puffin Island in a safe and relaxing way.

Valentia Island and Tetrapod

Just over the Bridge is the beautiful Valentia Island where it is famous for many things but today I just want to bring your attention to the Tetrapod.

The Tetrapod tracks were discovered in 1993 on the north east of Valentia Island. These tetrapod tracks evidenced that there was a creature with almost human being footprints resemblance dwelling the place in about 350-370 million years ago. The track way has become of international importance since it has provided the most old evidence of one of the first water dwelling creatures which are believed to crawled out of the water and start adopting land dwelling evolutionarily.

Where to stay??

Portmagee has no shortage of great accommodation, though I would recommend you to use Carraig Liath House, they were just awarded 2014 Certificate of excellence for their best food & beverage services. Carraig Liath House is only short leisure walk to the walking village Portmagee.

Welcome to Portmagee

Skellig Michael Cruises would like to welcome you to this picturesque village and hope that you enjoy your stay and feel free to book your trip with us here Click on Skellig Michael Tours.