Portmagee | Things to do

skellig michael tours portmagee skellig michael cruises

skellig michael tours portmagee skellig michael cruises 

Portmagee | Things to do

Portmagee has many things to do for you the holiday maker.  Today here a Skellig Michael Cruises we are going to outline a few but keep in mind there is much more in Portmagee than outlined below. To under pin  Portmagee’s prowess within the tourism industry in Ireland. In 2012  the village  was awarded the top tourist town in Ireland.

Skellig Michael Cruises

There is no denying that Portmagee is the gateway to  Skellig Michael. We here at Skellig Michael Cruises offer you the opportunity to visit the great rocks out in the wild Atlantic.

We give you the people who are unable to climb Skellig Michael for whaever reason. The Skellig Michael Tours we operate last approximately 2.5 hours and we go to the Skellig Islands 3 times daily. Please visit our home page at Skellig Michael cruises here.

Skellig Experience Center

The Skellig Experience is just a 5 minute walk over the bridge from Portmagee. It is here in the centre that you can experience the recreation of what life was like for the monks of Skellig Michael in the early Christian period. The Centre has an 80 seat auditorium where they show a short film, which gives you the opportunity to trace the steps of the monks and be inspired and in awe of the legacy and architecture they left behind.

The centre also showcases the underwater life at the Skelligs, and also the life and times of the light keepers on the Skellig rock. Click here to view the Skellig Experience Centre.


Located  less that 4 miles from Portmagee in the island of Valentia you have the Tetapod prints. These prints are thought to date back to Devonian times, it is estimated to be anywhere between 350-370 million years ago. The site in Valentia is of international importance as it represents the transition from life in the water to the land. This is a defining moment in evolution and provides the oldest reliable evidence of a four legged vertebrate moving over land.

Cil Rialaig

Now a short drive from Portmagee in the other direction from Valentia you will descend on Cil Rialaig. The Cil Rialaig projected was established in 1991 to restore a small pre famine village on Bolus Head. This location then became a retreat for artists, which has attracted over 2,500 artists from all over the world.

The Cil Rialaig Arts Centre is located in the village of Dungeagan where you can view and appreciate the works of the artists that had the privilege to reside in the remote Artist retreat at Bolus head.

Portmagee |Things to do

Today we only scratched the surface on what Portmagee has to offer you, there is much more to do Golf,Fishing ,Sailing,Diving and Walking to mention a few activities. Now that you know all about Portmagee , why not book your tour with us to Skellig Michael here.

Paul Devane