Skellig Michael Islands | Skellig Michael

Skellig Michael Islands | Skellig Michael Tours

Skellig Michael Islands | Skellig Michael Tours

The Skellig Islands are two small, steep rocky islands in Ireland Country Kerry lying about 13km West of Bolus Head on the Iveragh Peninsula. One of the islands is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site and have been attracting visitors from all over the world who have enjoyed the uniqueness of these historic islands. These islands are famous for an early Christian monastery, gannets, and Atlantic Puffin populations.

Skellig Michael

As I have mentioned that they are two islands guys, the larger one is Great Skellig which is also known as Skellig Michael. The island has two peaks rising to over 230 metres above sea level. Great Skellig is famous for its Christian monks who occupied the island in the seventh century and they remained there until the thirteenth Century. The history of the monks in Skellig Michael Islands is absolutely amazing.

Smaller Skellig

The Small Skellig is about 1.5 km from eastnortheast of Great Skellig. The island is reputed for large colony of Northern Gannet which is just second largest colony in the world. The colony is Ireland’s largest. This makes Bird watching in Skellig Michael Islands a simple must.

Irish Monastery

Skellig Michael is the site of an old Irish monastery. It is one of the oldest sites from the ancient Christian world that can be seen today in its very original form. Before 6th Century when the Islands were founded, it is assumed that they have been solitary places.

From 7th Century monks fled to the Great Skellig where they established the site and started their life there up to the late years of 1200’s and it is strongly believed that the monks set the structures we see now on the Skellig Michael Islands.

It is truly astonishing as to how the monks adapted and survived to the Skellig Michael Islands’ wet, damp, and cold weather, though it is evident that the hermits built six beehive-shaped huts and two boat shaped oratories and used them for living and worshiping respectively.

Monks life in Skellig Michael

Monks history in the Skellig Michael Islands doesn’t end here, it is also believed that they planted gardens and they also kept sheep and goats not to mention birds and also caught fish and all these were used primarily for food. It is actually hard to comprehend why the monks decided to inhabit the Skellig Michael Islands the place the Irish used to consider the end of the world due to its remoteness and inhospitality but one thing might be true is that the monks chose the Skellig Michael Islands to be closer to God. Some myths also states the Monks chose the destination so that they could be closer to Satan so that they could defend for the rest of the worldJ.

Monks Invaded by Vikings

It is claimed that Vikings invaded Skellig Michael Islands several times. The intentions of the Vikings were to plunder all the treasures of church, taking monks as slaves and all kind of humiliation as some monks were even carried off with chains; others were stripped naked, insulted, casted out of doors while other monks were even drowned in the Atlantic Sea. It is also worth to note that after every attack, atleast one Viking was ended up been baptized by the monks.

Enjoy unique ruins in Skellig Michael Islands

A visit to this site is highly recommended guys. The monastic settlement in the islands is highly impressive, not only due to its isolated state but the unique building skills by monks who built some magnificent huts over 1,500 years ago. You can visit nowhere else in Ireland with Skellig Michael Islands uniqueness. Skellig Michael Islands is one of the most impressive sights I have ever seen and I just can’t recommend it enough, just contact us here at Skellig Michael Cruises and we will plan for you this fantastic experience.

Enjoy bird watching in Skellig Michael Islands

Hosting the largest gannet colony in Ireland and only second world-wide, Skellig Michael Islands is by far a best place for viewing birds. It is estimated that the islands hosts more than 27,000 pairs of birds. Birds’ eggs and birds themselves are believed to be the foods for the ancient islands Monks.

Welcome to Skellig Michael Islands | Skellig Michael Cruises

I hope you have enjoyed the amazing history of these magnificent islands. At Skellig Michael Cruises we do multiple trips to the islands every day. Contact Paul Devane now and we can plan your Skellig Michael Islands trip that will be of a lifetime experience. Thanks J